Rashin Fahandej (born in Iran, lives in Boston and Brooklyn)

Maryam Fakhimi (born (1970) and lives in Tehran)

Nooshin Farhid (born in Tehran, lives in London)
mise en abyme, curated by Sandra Skurvida:
Shallow Water, Deep Skin, 2012, 32:12
Dire Straits, curated by Sandra Skurvida

caraballo-farman (Leonor Caraballo and Abou Farman), based in New York
TVDinner: IraqChannel curated by Sandra Skurvida
mise en abyme, curated by Sandra Skurvida:
Venerations ((in-between)), 2010, 00:20

Media Farzin and Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck
Chronoscope, 1951, 11pm
A video-collage of six television episodes of an early American current affairs program called “The Longines Chronoscope.” The discussions that have been selected are mostly from 1951 and relate to the situation in Iran soon after the nationalization of the oil industry by Mohammad Mosaddegh, as prime minister under the young Shah and before the 1953 coup by the British and American secret services.






Alireza (Navid) Fashami (born (1982) and lives in  Tehran)
Mono Pop, 2007, 2:44


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