Neda Zarfsaz | Zoom-in

Neda Zarfsaz, Zoom-in, 2010. 5:58

Our vision is conditioned—attuned to the environment in which we live, thus we see certain things and, due to non-recognition and thus non-comprehension, turn a blind eye on others. We carry our views along wherever we go, and as our vision adjusts in movement, our views evolve and change along the way. Self-scrutiny under the camera zoom, as it were, maps visual topographies of the mind, creating conjunctions between the outer reality and its inner vision. The dreamlike sequence of the film by Neda Zarfsaz, its upside-down world seen through a window of a slowly moving vehicle, casts this rainy European city in the viewfinder as would-be Tehran, conjured up as somewhat foreign object in the expanded field of vision, asserting increasingly fluid coordinates of the topography of self, reconciling belonging and estrangement.

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