mise en abyme at Cinemática, Montréal, November 2012

mise en abyme, a video program curated by Sandra Skurvida. Presented at Cinemática film festival, first edition focused on Iran. Organized by La Elástica, Montréal, 22-25 November 2012. More info: laelastica.org

This collection of video art tangential to Iran demonstrates modalities and vicissitudes of representation of national identity. If “Iran” is conveyed in the selected works, it is seen en abyme—in a coat-of-arms, a shield bearing at its center a miniaturized version of itself at the “heart point”; on a carpet, an ornament in the center known as toranj; and a mirrored pool in Paradise.  Which figure will offer a key to decipher this encryption of mise en abyme?

This edition of the program features two new entries: Telling a Story by Amen Feizabadi and Disintegration Report 11-12-2009 by Sohrab Kashani.

Full Festival Program:

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