Amirali Mohebinejad | 27 Minutes to Go

Amirali Mohebinejad (born (1982) and lives in Tehran), 27 Minutes to Go, 2009, 17:00

The act of leaving is a very common prescription for sick societies, such as mine. It was never that common to me… It’s understandable as a short-term treatment, but not as a permanent cure. For a nostalgic person that I am, it was the risk of missing homeland, childhood, family, memories, and friends; versus having some conditional opportunities in other places. It’s about the price I pay. On the other hand, the number of people around me is constant decreasing, which is the sad part of staying. Unfortunately, I, as a non-leaver, just wait for the next goodbye; and as time goes by, I find myself increasingly alone in my own country. It is the concept of isolation.

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