Photomat | Night

Photomat, Night. 6:53

Photomat started in the summer of 2009 when three electronic musicians Hesam Ohadi (aka Idlefon), Siavash Amini (aka The Waterfront) and Nima Pourkarimi (aka Umchunga) began jamming together. The band began working on some instrumental pieces which lead to a couple of live performances in 2010. In summer of 2010 Taha Banihashemi joined Photomat as the Bass player followed by Niousha Kiarashi as the vocalist. Photomat is currently working on their first official album to be released on Oido Records.

Photomat: Nima Pourkarimi / Siavash Amini / Hesam Ohadi / Taha Banihashemi
Liveset design/ Visuals: ASH & Idlefon
Camera crew: Mehran Ahmadi / Pouya Saremi / Amir B. Ashrafzadeh
Directed by: Amir B. Ashrafzadeh

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