Mohsen Saghafi | Lascaux

Mohsen Saghafi / Lascaux (live session at Ibn-e Sina Cultural House, Tehran)

Change in the quality of sounds and objects due to the technological development is  characteristic of modern life. Returning to the original area of phenomena considering their present changes is the concern of the artist who has a tendency to return to the source, to nature. On the other hand, he is amazed and subjugated by technology. Lascaux refers to the historical and artistic status of the famous cave dating back to the prehistoric time. They were the sounds that existed and will exist. However, we wonder if they exist in the same form. Technological changes have such a great effect on sounds that it is almost impossible to distinguish the work of nature from the one created by man. Lascaux conveys nostalgic feeling for the past and strong expectation for an ambiguous future. It is the manifestation of man’s motionlessness for changes that never come back.

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