Mahan Moalemi | Perpendicular to the Path

Mahan Moalemi, Perpendicular to the Path, 2011. 9:42

A Perception: living in this metropolis, I perceive a crucial division between the city and the citizens, blocking the path of comprehension. Merely reduced to a container and components, the people and the city face each other with closed eyes. Following successive sequences, each one breathes in the air exhaled by the other. The sickness is on the verge and is growing in depth.

An Action: In such condition, taking action signifies stepping out of the line of citizens but still staying in the city. On this new spot, a detach from the regular speed and manner of citizenship, conducted by blocking the usual way and repeating a single set of acts, results in bolding a moment in the course of scheduled time of the day. The moment in which addressing and questioning the relationship with the city can be possible; the relationship that is symbolically embodied by a highly physical attitude.

A Reflection: Although the appearance of the action visibly touches the outer and superficial stage of the city within the collective sphere of everyone, the dazzling impact of the whole repetition, solidity and pausing is reflected on someone (performer) and tends to slick inward. The public and quite scenic manifestation, is transformed into the self-driven therapeutics of the self, albeit cautiously.

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