Ali Samadpour | Sa’em-o-ddahr

Ali Samadpour (born 1970 in Abadan, Iran, lives in Tehran) Sa’em-o-ddahr, 2012. 3:48

صائم الدهر:

تمرين، تخمين،

صبح، صلح،

شب، شط

من از خورشيد ايستاترم

مغان، مُقام

تاك، راك

خواب، خوان

من از ماه آيينه ترم

تمام، ختام

همه، همهمه

هاويه، ناسيه

من از زهره گناهكارترم

Sa’em-o-ddahr (“someone who is always fasting”), starts to play his music instrument before dawn and keeps playing and playing while the light fills his apartment’s living room until he fades away in the dark of night. This is a four minutes time-lapse animation of his performance that lasted 16 hours.

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