Sona Safaei | Decenter

Sona Safaei, Decenter, 2011. 2:23

Media, as a controlled application dependent on geographical and political situations, is deconstructed in Decenter. According to Jean Baudrillard, “One believes that power manipulates the masses through the popular media. One can also think that the reverse is true: it may be masses who neutralize and destabilize through the popular media.” To accentuate this shift, Decenter directs the viewer’s attention from a final looped video, to the process of its production, installed in artists’ studio. Decenter is a two-part installation: a single video, which constantly reveals the conventions of the media, and the room of production displaying various versions of the video on separate screens. This installation decenters the attention from a unified and complete work to many other possible versions of the same work, in the process of its development.

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