Anahita Hekmat | 104-3+23

Anahita Hekmat, re-iter: 104-3+23, 2010. Sound, 05:51

In an underground parking lot, children play hide-and-seek with the camera. A disturbing and electric atmosphere emanates from these fleeting presences, as in a sinister video game. Enclosed spaces, tunnels, dark rooms and hiding places become clandestine sites of the invisible. The meaning itself is engaged in hide-and-seek with a spectator. How can a specific space recall the past in the present? 

The world of childhood is a recurring motif in Anahita Hekmat’s work. Growing-up, and its rites of passage function as a referential basis for universal temporal units. Thus each of us can relate via a personal experience that is common to all.

 Projection itself is like a reminiscence of an experience, a distension of time in enclosed personal universes.

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